Bliss and Spirit

“Spirituality is not religion. It is a path for us to generate happiness, understanding, and love, so we can live deeply each moment of our life. Having a spiritual dimension in our lives does not mean escaping life or dwelling in a place of bliss outside this world but discovering ways to handle life’s difficulties and generate peace, joy, and happiness right where we are, on this beautiful planet.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


Your Partner IS Your Guru


by Sondra Ray

All kinds of different relationships are going on in the universe and they are healing, and one form is no better than another. The main thing is to get clear on is your relationship with the universe. When that one is working, all the others will, no matter what form you are in or not in.

In life we experience a continuous push toward to egoless-ness. A being has an intense desire to know its real self, to know the truth, the Eternal Source. Our over-riding desire is to discover this source of infinite love and to express this love in daily life.

The purpose of a relationship is to enhance these goals. Both partners must share this intention or they are missing the boat and they will have to keep dying and reincarnating until they get it!

A partner will bring up all your patterns. The truth is that your partner is your guru. Because they help you to get healed, you should always be thankful to them for serving you.

Each must understand that the most profound reason they are together is for the evolution of their souls. This creates a whole new vibration between the couple. There is a commitment to assist each others spiritual growth, and not one that is ruled by the ego.

A relationship should be about growth and movement. It should create a holy, interpersonal environment for the evolution of two souls. A relationship is a process; in that process, the couple should celebrate changes in themselves which are stimulated by one another. They should not resent the fact that the mate (the relationship) is encouraging them to change. Each should want the other to become all that he or she can be, and should not feel threatened by this desire. In other words, you should not hold yourself back in any way, nor should you allow the other to hold you back. Each should enjoy empowering the other, but neither should give away their power.

Relationship between two immortalists (enlightened couple) is eternal, immediately, and although the form of the relationship may change, many times, leaving is no longer an issue. There is abundance of joy, happiness, and outright bliss. There is a natural telepathy that occurs when the two are apart. Two together provide miraculous energy. They support each others’ continuing aliveness always; and this makes it safe to surrender totally. It is like a dream come true.

Partners are together for the evolution of their souls; they recognise their equality. They move toward “authentic empowerment” as opposed to the old archetype which reflects power as external. An authentically powerful person is humble and harmless, treasures life, forgives, takes responsibility, and sees perfection in everything.

Real Love by Osho

When two persons are really in love, they help each other to grow. They look into each other; they become mirrors to each other: they reflect each other. They help each other; they hold each other. In good times, in bad times, in moments of happiness, in moments of sadness they are together, they are involved – that’s what involvement is all about.

If I am only with you when you are happy and I am not with you when you are unhappy this is not involvement, this is exploitation. If I am only with you when you are flowing, and I am not with you when you are not flowing – then I am not with you at all. Then I don’t love you, I love only myself and I love only my pleasure. “When you are pleasurable, good; when you become painful I will throw you away.” This is not love, this is not involvement, this is not commitment. This is not respect for the other person.

It is easy to love somebody else’s wife because he has to suffer the reality and you enjoy the fiction.

It is a very good division of labour. But this is inhuman. Human love is a great encounter. And love is only if growth happens out of it, otherwise what type of love is it?


Lovers are enhanced by each other – in every way. Lovers reach to higher peaks of happiness when they are together, and they also reach to the deeper depths of sadness when they are together. Their range of happiness and sadness becomes vast – that’s what love is. Alone, if you cry and weep, your tears don’t have much depth. Have you watched it? Alone, they are shallow. When you weep together with somebody then there is a depth, a new dimension to your tears. Alone you can laugh, but your laughter will be shallow. In fact it will be something insane – only mad people laugh alone.

When you laugh with somebody there is a depth in it, there is sanity in it. Alone, you can laugh, but the laughter will not go very deep, cannot go. Together, it goes to the very core of your being.

Happiness Is …


An original poem by Cristina Gecolea

Happiness is a bowl of cherries

Picked lovingly from the berry farm

After a long day’s work.

Happiness is home-made cookies:

Batter pre-mixed the day before

Rested in the fridge overnight

Waking me up in the morning as the chocolate-chip aroma wafts to my room!

Happiness is a black cat with shiny fur

Greeting me as I enter the door

Back-arched and furry face weaved on my leg excitedly,

Glad I’m home because she missed me.

Happiness is a glass of ice water

Touching my parched lips;

Grateful to be having it

Because I’m super-thirsty.

Happiness is watching Grey’s Anatomy

and seeing any and all episodes

That have McSteamy!

Happiness is getting a hug,

A hand-squeeze, a cuddle

When I need it most

Be it a tough day or just a regular one.

Happiness is being loved,

Cared about, longed-for and missed

When I’m away

Or when he is away from me.

Happiness is a bearded dragon

Flattening his back

Basking in the sun

Streaming into my living room.

Happiness is tennis:

Playing well, having fun

And seeing my friends there.

Happiness is my life

And the people in it

Who bring me joy

Every day.

Happiness is … me