Fire Me Up

author Cristina Gecolea, snapchat filtered image

(verses written today while sunbathing)

I feel your brightness
Caressing me
Your energy, warm
Delighting me

Vibrating, Pulsating, Gyrating
Uplifting, Freeing
Nourishing, Strengthening
All here
Just for me

The clouds can only hide you
Your beauty beckons to me
And so I return to you
Thank you for healing me


Ideal Marriage


Where two people before they came together
have individually come to understand
the value of selfishness to the degree 
that they are willing to reach for the thought,
word or action, that connects them first
and foremost to core energy,
so that each partner is giving
the whole of themselves to the other,
in another words not just the physical
disconnected part but the part that is
the extension of the Source energy.

So two people who come together who are fully connected,
that then join together, not on all topics,
but on some topics, where they are collectively co-creating.

There is nothing more delicious than two Beings, coming together in their full expansive connection, and joining together in ideas of creating together. It is the ultimate co-creative experience.

Now we said that we qualify that a little bit:
Any two people who come together, whether they were connected to Source energy when they came together or not, still have the opportunity to get connected to Source energy, and so of course if two are consciously, deliberately connecting, and then having a relationship, that is the ideal experience … but if you can’t convince your mate about what you know, its not so serious, because one who connects to Source energy CAN FIND BALANCE with anyone else.

Ideal is two connected,
who know they’re connected,
who know how they’re connected,
who know why they’re not connected,
who know how to get back into connection
to Source energy any time they want.

The ideal marriage is one where each individual takes full responsibility of the way he or she feels, in another words where they are no longer using the other’s behavior as their excuse for not being connected.

It is what true unconditional love is. It is where you’re saying:
I take full responsibility for the way I feel, 
and I will never hold you responsible, 
no action that you ever offer 
will be my excuse for not feeling good.


Divine Union of Male and Female

The following piece is excerpted from Heather Fraser who says, “the description below by Lakota Sioux Henry Houston . . . beautifully helps us visualize the Divine Balance and Union between male and female energies.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.18.58 PM.png

When a woman is in her centre, she is like wild mare taking flight freely through the open plain, her mane whipping in the wind. The strength of her powerfully sculptured legs merge with the earth, majestically creating its own drumbeat in tribute to Source. She is pure and primal expression of creative power.

What is possible for her becomes totally transformed when her beloved is riding her, the masculine strength who knows and honors her power. It is through his surrender to her that he is able to become one with her. His masterful leadership and understanding of her raw power, her desires and her vision guides and directs the powerful energies in a manner that manifests the greatest good for the unified collaboration. He harnesses the energy into a purposeful end for both.

He does not fear or compete with her magnificent power. Through surrender and union, he experiences his True Nature beyond the world of form and this unleashes his own spiritual power. He is free! She gratefully surrenders to his leadership, for it grounds her, stabilizes her energy, and allows for its manifestation on the physical plane. Both are empowered by the union. Still each of them stands sovereign in his and her own power. Out of the balanced unity is created a third force, a natural flow of synergistic energy between them that combines their individual wholeness into an infinitely expanded wholeness together. All of creation joins in the celebration of this Divine Union.