Relentless Joy


by Janne Robinson:

You know what I respect more than people who don’t use the piece of paper they have no interest in using?

People who don’t finish the piece of paper.

That’s right y’all — people who drop out.

People who quit.

People who quit the things they no longer care for.

Don’t finish the law degree you have no interest in actually using. Our society gets hard ons for certification — but what I get hard ons for is people who follow through with their truth.

Don’t marry the person you are engaged to if you wake up one day and say, “I should be more excited than this.” Respect the person sleeping next to you by knowing somebody could and can love them better. Know if you stay for the sake of staying, you are taking up space in their life. Is following through with your word and giving someone an inauthentic half ass in it partner for life really a favor for them?

Break the lease and lose the damage deposit. Move to the city you really wanted to move to before you shrunk back to what was comfortable and signed on to yet another year lease in a city you outgrew eons ago.

Marriage is probably the biggest agreement we make, and sometimes most damaging to adjust.

How the fuck are we supposed to know that we will wake up everyday and love somebody?

That’s ridiculous.

Someday we might roll over and not love that person, and then what?

Feel bound with guilt and obligation to keep our word and try force ourselves back into love?

Thank God for divorce.

One of the most loving things we can do for both ourselves and other people is to honor our truths.

To say, “I don’t love you anymore. I don’t even know why or when it happened, but I don’t.” This gives both human beings the opportunity to go out into this world and love deeper, love again.

So, love somebody until you love them.

Do a job until you don’t love it.

Quit shit.

Start shit.

Walk away.

Go find what gives you relentless joy.



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