Happiness Is …


An original poem by Cristina Gecolea

Happiness is a bowl of cherries

Picked lovingly from the berry farm

After a long day’s work.

Happiness is home-made cookies:

Batter pre-mixed the day before

Rested in the fridge overnight

Waking me up in the morning as the chocolate-chip aroma wafts to my room!

Happiness is a black cat with shiny fur

Greeting me as I enter the door

Back-arched and furry face weaved on my leg excitedly,

Glad I’m home because she missed me.

Happiness is a glass of ice water

Touching my parched lips;

Grateful to be having it

Because I’m super-thirsty.

Happiness is watching Grey’s Anatomy

and seeing any and all episodes

That have McSteamy!

Happiness is getting a hug,

A hand-squeeze, a cuddle

When I need it most

Be it a tough day or just a regular one.

Happiness is being loved,

Cared about, longed-for and missed

When I’m away

Or when he is away from me.

Happiness is a bearded dragon

Flattening his back

Basking in the sun

Streaming into my living room.

Happiness is tennis:

Playing well, having fun

And seeing my friends there.

Happiness is my life

And the people in it

Who bring me joy

Every day.

Happiness is … me


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